# 15 – 5 gifts that no woman will resist


We are 10 days away from Christmas and of course we do not want to miss any presents under the tree. Or, it’s never too much to remember, inside your own slipper – because we are sure you deserve it!

Today, we list 5 gifts that women will not resist. And we tell you what style and why.


# 1 Pack Biolage R.A.W.
They were the sensation of this year and, besides having natural formulas (from 70 to 100%) and biodegradable packaging, are really very good, as the brand so well habitua.

Each pack comes accompanied by a candle – the enchanting “extra” that each gift should have!

For those of you: women who care about the environment and like sustainable parts and products, but do not neglect their eyesight (because, nowadays, they do not need to compromise one aspect to the other, thankfully !!).


# 2 Diamond Oil Glow Dry, Redken
This oil is an all in one: it protects the hair during drying while giving a perfect shine to the strands of your hair. We are fans!

For those who do not need the brushing!


# 3 Aromessence Néroli Amara Sérum, Decléor
Also 100% natural, consisting of essential oils and botanicals, is a serum thought to moisturize and soften the skin, while protecting it from the effects of pollution. The plus? A sense of well-being provided by aromatherapy.

For whom: for urban women, they need a break from stress.


# 4 Essence Absolue, Shu Uemura
This oil, made with camellia, gives nourishment and protection to your hair. But not only: it gives extra hydration, shine, anti-frizz effect and UV protection. Perfect for dry, stained or damaged hair, and formulated for daily use.

For whom: women who want hydration, nutrition and divine look in hair in just one gesture.


# 5 Powder in Lotion, by L’Oréal Professionnel
This styling product imparts texture and movement with lightness and a silky feel. Perfect for creating a wild-chic, modern and beautiful style – suitable for bob, lob, shag or long cuts, it gives a natural effect but with something that we so appreciate.

For who: the woman who likes to always have a cool and current hairstyling.