#16 The biggest secret in good shape at parties

We have a classic brand, which we are sure to be the most perfect gift “from me to me”. At least it will be ours!


We speak of the Serum Expert Reducteur Contours, from the Haute Beauté Corps range of Carita.


This slimming cream acts on cellulite with a visible effect on the body. The results are a visible reduction of the orange peel, with a smoother skin, a more refined silhouette and, of course, a protected and hydrated skin.


And, of course, we have the best tips for you to enjoy this full-blown serum with all its properties:

Exfoliate the skin: and – good news – this range also has a body scrub!

Apply the serum immediately after bathing or exercising: with warm skin, which helps the serum to be better absorbed.

Lose time with the massage: When applying, you should massage the skin until the product is fully absorbed.