#21 – 5 Habits to Take Before Sleeping


Do you feel “disfigured” when you wake up? It’s not supposed to.

In fact, there are some habits you can (and should) have at night so you have a good night’s sleep and have an even better wake up. We’ve decoded the # 5 steps you need for a true Beauty Sleep.


# 1 Be rigid in your routine
Yes, at night it is essential, as much as by day, that you never fail your beauty care routine – face, body and hair. And yes, you always have to remove the make-up and moisturize the face properly. No exceptions!



# 2 Use proper products for the evening
They do not exist by chance: serum, moisturizer (face and eyes), among others, will enhance the cellular renewal that the skin does at night. And the effects will be noticeable soon after waking up!



# 3 Appropriate environment
Review room temperature and humidity, as well as light and noise. Everything should be on a level that does not disturb your sleep.

Also the very decoration of your room should be according to what reassures you. Keep in mind that the main function of the room is to sleep!


# 4 Natural fiber pillow
The pillowcases in natural materials cause less wrinkles and sagging. How about investing in a silk one?



# 5 Goodbye, wi-fi
Be completely disconnected: from social networks, from your reading sites, from applications. How much is going to your room (preferably at a fixed time), should be at full rest.