Crimped Hair – this trend is back

The 90’s are making a comeback on several fronts, and hair is no exception!


In addition to the fringe issues and BOB, one of the most popular styling tricks comes back: the crimped hair, commonly called “zigzag waves”.


Who grew up in this decade, sure remember how desirable were the hair straightening iron with this effect. And if Gigi Hadid lines up, who are we to say the opposite?



Crimped Hair - Segredos do Salão

Instagram @gigihadid


The question is: how to use it?


If it is true that the trend is back, it is also true that, like any other, it’s back in a diferent (more modern) way.


Crimped Hair - Segredos do Salão


The great trend is to use this technique on some locks, especially in combination with a relaxed half-bun or with braids.




Crimped Hair - Segredos do Salão

Instagram @dafne_evangelista


And, if the goal is a totally IN look, our proposal is the Thassia Naves’s look at Coachella.


How about combining colored locks, a half-bun braided and zig-zag waves? The most trendy look for this month!


Crimped Hair - Segredos do Salão

Instagram @KylieJenner


And, if you just want a short note, use straight hair with volume.



Now the fun part: what products to use?


First, get volume in your hair with the Matrix Hairspray VolumeBloom. This spray should be applied to the hair still moist, for a beautiful and natural volume.

Before ironing your board, a thermal protector. We suggest the Matrix Heat Buffer, a mild formula spray that will protect your hair at temperatures up to 230 degrees, and leave it soft and controlled.

After you have your zigzag waves finished, finish the hairstyle with the Matrix Style Fixe. This spray will not only make your hairstyle last for hours intact, as it resists moisture and leaves hair with a natural texture.