Do you know the importance of treating the skin on your hands?

Yes, we often neglect hand care. For face we have moisturizing day, night, serum, exfoliating, sunscreen and more. For the body, the summer, winter, exfoliating and slimming moisturizer. And … For the hands?

These are an important part of our looks and – yes! – they need extra care. Over the years, hands tend to look old, causing spots and signs of loss of elasticity, because their skin is thinner and has fewer sebaceous glands (which makes them more sensitive to dehydration and temperature).

We left three habits to adopt already, no excuses, and keep your hands perfect:


Hydration 24/7
Secret number one of the overall beauty is no exception as far as this part of the body is concerned. In day-to-day we use our hands for almost everything, which aggravates them, and we must compensate with hydration also throughout the day. The trick is to put it in the morning, and always have a cream in the bag (it can be in a smaller package, many brands already have this version) and another in the office (from the lighter ones, to continue your routine without worries). At night you should apply a fatter cream and, occasionally, put on a few gloves to follow – its effectiveness will be greater this way.



We associate this habit with the whole body and so seldom at hand. But especially in winter and summer, dry skin also accumulates in the hands. For this nothing like a good exfoliation but – beware – this should not be aggressive, do not forget that the skin you deal with is sensitive and with little fat production to compensate for aggressions.



Another detail that easily escapes us is that of sun protection. The hands, as well as the face, need daily sun protection, to protect them from drying out, to create wrinkles and blemishes. The best (and easiest) way to do this is with a hand cream that already has sunscreen.