#1 Greek Braid





Key Product: Savage Panache.


This is the type of hairstyle for an elegant look: perfect for a summer party, be it a wedding or a cocktail.

One of HFN’s most requested hairstyles, according to Anabela Pereira, is perfect to order the next time you go to your hairdresser!



#2 Light Waves



Key Product: Powder in Lotion


Forget the Beach Waves, these are, literally, the New Waves! Easy to get at home, just need to follow the advice of hairstyist Claudio Coelho:

1. Apply Powder in Lotion.

2. Make a wide braid or twist the hair and heat it with a blow dryer.

3. Let it cool for 10 minutes and finish with Savage Panache. It is perfect to make at home with the professional products!





#3 Braided Bun


Key Product: Crêpage de Chignon


For the woman who is not afraid to stand out.

Part of one of the biggest trends of the moment, ethnic style – it is the perfect hairstyle to get noticed at Summer Festivals.

According to the hairstylist Carlos Gago, the essential thing is not to stay perfect!



#4 Mohawk Braid



Key Product: Morning After-Dust


Hairstylist Helena Vaz Pereira does not hesitate to recommend this hairstyle for a woman with lots of attitude, in a nocturnal context. Perfect for Summer Festivals!





#5 Rebel Side Braid



Key Product: Infinium


Perfect to make at home. According to hairstyist Maria João Lourenço, this hairstyle serves all occasions, depending on how it is done: more feminine or messy.

If you use a heat instrument to stretch or wave, do not forget the thermal protector. To achieve the perfect volume, Crêpage Chignon is ideal to apply before. To finish, and ensure that it stays flawless for the time you want, the Infinium lacquer.