The beauty resolutions you need to keep!


What better way to end the year than resolutions so the next one is even better? And, for the better, also be understood as “more beautiful.”

We’ve listed some essential steps to meet in 2018! Are you with us?


Let’s clean?
First of all, we have to realize what we have with us: outdated products, accessories (such as hairbrushes and brushes) that need cleaning or replacement, repeated products (or that only fulfill the same function) or that she does not use, that she can give to her best friend.

After cleaning, pack everything by section: routine care, make-up, styling. After everything is tidy, you will see that you will feel better and – even – you will use your products a lot more (which often gets lost in the midst of the confusion).


Make a shopping list
Once you have packed everything you have and will keep, you will be able to analyze if you need (really) new beauty products and accessories.

Another good exercise is to look at whether your hair and skin care routine still fits: Do you need to visit your trusted professionals to review it?


Invest in yourself
Keep your hair well treated, follow your face and body care routine, always have your nails arranged. Check out a massage when you feel like you need to relax, visit your hairdresser frequently – invest in professional care. You will feel much more beautiful!


Don’t be lazy
In the continuation of the previous point: arrange to the height of all the events, without exceptions. In your day-to-day, at parties, for dinners, for walks. All the occasions of your life deserve to live them at my best, and not just the so-called “special occasions.” Spend more time on yourself, you will see differences in your self-esteem, and more!


Have fun
Why always use hair in the same way? And, of course, why not change your look? Try, for example, to do a week with a different hairstyle every day. And never wear the same shoes two days in a row! Have fun with fashion and beauty. And, of course, pay attention to the Secrets of the Hall, we will always have the best suggestions!


Respect your routine
Always every days. Without any exception: every day treats your face, body and hair, with the routine of care that your trusted professionals have diagnosed you.


Take care of yourself 
After all the advice to treat you well, you have to stop to think of the best ways to treat all the products and accessories in our routine. And, make no mistake, this step is essential – albeit often overlooked.

First, use the recommended amounts of each product. Then use them as instructed.


Did you know that the products in jar must be removed with a spatula and not with the hand?


Clean your brushes regularly (with hot water and own product to remove the grease), as well as your make-up brushes.