The detox that your skin needs


After a month of overeating, it’s not just your physical form (and inherent well-being) that you endured with the holidays!

Quite possibly your skin will also not be at its best: fewer hours of sleep than usual (or more!), More sugar and less greens, not forgetting the drinks – there is more tendency for drinks harmful to the skin (soft drinks and alcoholic drinks ). A whole cocktail of harmful ingredients for our skin! And now it’s time to get around the problem.

 Yes, in the plural. Mineral water, teas, water with ginger or cucumber or just a few drops of lemon. Not counting on thermal water – many and many sprinkled of thermal water on the face. Another detail: abuse the vegetables in the next few days.


More than ever it is important not to leave dead dry skin accumulated on the face. But be careful, this does not mean that you should do an aggressive exfoliation. You can also choose to deliver to the hands of professionals and do a thorough cleaning of the skin. Then a lot of hydration (because the cold, outside, do not forgive).


There were dinners, parties, nights, races. It was certainly a very hectic time. Nothing is better than restoring sleep and resting whenever you can. Plan a quiet weekend: a rested skin is worth two!